IoT Data Sets

Data is the new oil, but if you can’t prove what well the oil came from, it loses its value. Proving provenance and chain of custody is vital to get the most out of your Internet of Things data and IoT digital exhaust.


The DataRight Certificate NFT is the solution for sensor companies who want to protect their data sets from being stolen or copied by others.

With this digital certificate, you can stamp your research data with a priority date and prove its asset value with every discovery.

How It Works

FDC simplifies data provenance, making it more efficient and immutable by tokenizing your IoT data streams and any associated agreements as DataRight Certificate NFTs, so you always ensure the value of your IoT assets.


Cryptographic Image

FDC Makes a cryptographic image of your IoT data and digital assets.


Issues DataRight Certificate NFT

FDC issues a DataRight Certificate NFT with a priority date of when the asset was added to FDC.


Access Granted

You always have access to your defendable priority date and provable chain of custody in your FDC client account.


Changes Recorded

Every update and change to your research data can be recorded via API.


Validation is Cemented

Whether for client use, regulatory compliance; FDA, healthcare or security your data provenance is ensured.

Don't lose your data priority date

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