Consent Trust

Data is the new oil, and consented proof of rights to process is the power to get things done.

FDC’s Consent Trust service holds consent records in custody, keeps agreements timely, transparent and up-to-date.


Don’t lose the right to process and keep your trusted consent relationships secure.

Managing proof of consent is a time-consuming process. Tracking and verifying consent records, changes in preferences, and reconnecting with consenters are all difficult and complex tasks that put at risk data value, and the trust with those who share their data.

How It Works

FDC simplifies consent, making it more efficient and profitable via tokenizing your consent assets as a DataRight Certificate, so you can communicate with consenters, and keep data ready to always process.


Cryptographic Image

FDC makes a cryptographic image of your consent assets.


Issue DataRight Certificate NFT

FDC issues a DataRight Certificate NFT to the consenters and the data processors.


Access Granted

People who consented receive account access and control of their consent records and a clear way to communicate with the organizations that hold their personal data.


Trust is Cemented

Communications, regulatory compliance and data provenance are in place, increasing the value and utility of the digital assets and most importantly, valued relationships are ensured.

Don't lose your data priority date

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