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Your most valuable asset is your data. It's time to start treating it as such.

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Secure Your Digital Assets

Fiduciary Data helps data driven companies create more value for customers and investors with a platform of data and digital asset banking services that enables you to protect ownership, leverage value faster, and ensure the security of your digital assets such as consent, contracts and agreements, research datasets, client data, and IoT.

Verify and Validate Data Existence

Increase your earnings with the help of our powerful “Certificate of DataRight” verifying and validating data existence and ownership. Protect your data from improper use with Fiduciary Data’s escrow and Consent Trust services.

How It Works

FDC simplifies the data lifecycle, making it more efficient and profitable via tokenizing your data and digital assets as a DataRight Certificate, so you can generate revenue by unlocking that value.


Cryptographic Image

FDC takes a Cryptographic image of your data or digital asset.


Issue DataRight Certificate NFT

FDC issues a DataRight Certificate NFT to the DataRight holders.


Use DataRight Certificate NFT

Use DataRight Certificate NFTs to:
Improve trusted consent, prove asset discovery, establish algorithm creation, value your business, insure your asset, find capital.

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Fiduciary Data Corporation respects and is committed to protecting your privacy. We will use your personal data only to provide the information, products and services you request in accordance with your consent and our Privacy Notice. Your consent agreement and associated digital rights token will be stored in a Fiduciary Data account (which will automatically be created for you), where you can access and manage your consent and update or cancel your account