Agreement Management

Data is the new oil, and data contracting, processing, licensing agreements are vehicles to get data and digital assets to the refinery.

Today's agreements are complicated; whether it's a licensing agreement or data contract, it requires hard work to keep up with all the changes in an ever-changing world.


Data is expensive and time-consuming to maintain, and assets are expensive to keep in good standing. It can be troublesome for companies without the right systems in place or the right people on their team.

How much easier can things be when there's a fiduciary that takes care of all this for you?

How it works

FDC simplifies data contracting, licensing and processing management, making it more efficient and profitable by tokenizing your agreement and digital assets as DataRight Certificates, so you can convey use, utility and ownership more rapidly and keep data ready to always process.


Cryptographic Image

FDC Makes a cryptographic image of your agreement assets and any associated digital assets.


Issue DataRight Certificate NFT

FDC issues a DataRight Certificate NFT to the parties.


Account Access Granted

The parties receive account access and control of their agreement records.


Review Agreement

Any changes to the digital assets or the agreement can be added to the DataRight Certificate keeping the agreement secure and up to date.


Trust is Cemented!

Communications, regulatory compliance and data provenance are in place, increasing the value and utility of the digital assets and most importantly, valued relationships are ensured.

Don’t lose the right to process and keep your trusted partner and vendor relationships secure

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