Proof of Digital Asset Holdings and Provenance

Data loses all it’s value when you can't prove asset holdings.


Make today the priority-date for your data and digital assets with FDC’s DataRight Certificate!

FDC's DataRight Certificate is a cryptographic fingerprint of your files on the blockchain. This provides essential proof that:

  • Your data is authentic priority date proof
  • There are no changes to the content since it was created

Digital assets and associated consent or agreements can be tokenized together creating an immutable chain of custody.

How It Works

FDC simplifies the data lifecycle, making it more efficient and profitable via tokenizing your data and digital assets as a DataRight Certificate, so you can generate revenue by unlocking that value.


Cryptographic Image

FDC takes a Cryptographic image of your data or digital asset.


Issue DataRight Certificate NFT

FDC Issues a DataRight Certificate NFT to the DataRight holders with a priority date of when the asset was added to FDC.


Use DataRight Certificate NFT

You can now use the DataRight Certificate NFTs to improve trusted consent relationships, prove asset discovery, sell your asset, establish creation dates, value your business, ensure your asset, find capital and more.

Don't lose your data priority date

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